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Did your grandmother have an outdoor clothesline? Both my grandma and my mom did. Growing up I remember seeing them, wooden clothespins in their mouths, fastening laundry on the line, clean sheets billowing in the breeze.

Fast forward forty years. (Wow!) Clotheslines in rural Europe are still the norm. Traveling thru small villages in Spain, Italy and France, I’ve often seen women pegging laundry out on the line. It may be the ultimate in “low tech”, but it’s great for the environment, and there’s something deeply satisfying about the tradition and the sweet smell of line-dried laundry.

My grandmother has been gone a long time; my mother’s clothesline, too. But now I enjoy the pleasure of crisp, fragrant sheets, freshly dried from my own outdoor folding clothesline!

To buy your own clothesline:

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