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I think it’s fair to say that most of us are trying to be responsible and safe, but COVID-19 fatigue has hit us all hard! I’m missing my friends and family, and tired of wearing a mask. And the weather is beautiful, so I want to do something social and fun. (Sorry, I’m whining.)

The solution? A picnic, the summertime staple that’s perfect for this moment. Outdoors and far enough apart, we can enjoy each other’s company sans face covering. And it’s super-flexible. You can invite a few people or just those in your household; bring take-out food or prepare everything yourself; have it at a park, beach or while hiking. The key is to maintain social distancing outside of your household unit (those people you actually live with).

Here’s what you need for a basic Covid-19 picnic:

Food and Drink

A simple Picnic Menu could include a few of the items below:

-Nuts, olives, deviled eggs

-Chips and onion dip, salsa or guacamole;

-Crackers with cheese, salami, smoked canned oysters

-Deli fried chicken, or a roasted chicken from the grocery store, served warm or cold

-Sliced ham and cheese, with sandwich rolls, mayo and mustard

-Purchased or homemade potato salad, coleslaw, pasta or quinoa salad or green salad

-Sliced peaches or plums, grapes, strawberries, cherries, berries

- Sliced vegetables, or a grocery store veggie platter

-Cake, cupcakes, pie, brownies, watermelon wedges

-Water, soda, iced tea, wine or batched cocktails


Every household should bring their own, including plates, cups, napkins and flatware, either plastic or paper. No sharing outside your household unit.

Something to carry it all in

A picnic basket, handy dandy reusable grocery bags, a laundry basket or even a plastic tub.


Beach or camping chairs, a blanket, or an available picnic table all work. Bring whatever is comfortable. But seating is the crucial safety element of your Covid-19 picnic plan, so each household unit should maintain a minimum distance of six feet between any other unit. If there are three households, arrange yourselves in a triangle; four groups should sit in a square. That way everyone can eat and converse, but no one needs to wear a mask. While that may seem distant for conversation, you’re outdoors, so feel free to use your outdoor voice!


-Don’t forget the paper towels, knife, corkscrew, two plastic trash bags--one for trash, one to carry any dirty dishes home.

-Check to see that alcohol is allowed at your picnic location—bummer, but it’s generally is not ok at public parks and beaches.

-It’s best to limit your picnic to not more than three or four household units. More people, even outdoors, makes it harder to maintain social distancing.

-Consider shade if it will be hot during your picnic. Post up under some trees or bring a shade structure or beach umbrella.

-A beautiful sunset is a fantastic ending to a picnic.

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