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Black Chalk by Christopher Yates was our pick for a recent virtual book club meeting. Published in 2015, the book received a really good review by NPR. It’s a clever psychological thriller that leaves the reader with lots of questions at the end.

Six Oxford students--all British but for one American--fueled by intellectual arrogance, alcohol and boredom--dream up a secret game of ever-increasing dares. The story is told by one of the players, and alternates between their days at Oxford and the present, in New York City fourteen years later, when the game finally ends.

“The Game”, as the players call it, is a combination of luck and skill, and is monitored by the three peculiar members of Game Soc, which also provides the winner’s substantial cash prize. Silly, harmless challenges soon progress to more personal and humiliating consequences, and “The Game” begins to turn dark.

I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that the twists and surprises of this novel made for a great book club discussion!!

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